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Bakaiti in Classroom- Part 7

Have you ever tried to know the meaning of the name of Sunny Leone? Never! Who has time to do it, else everybody is busy in Sunny’s other ventures. Right! But our own Raju has a brilliant explanation of the fact behind the name of Sunny Leone. Watch the video to know the meaning of it, while let me highlight some of the funny dialogues from the video.

  • Aapke paas na hi Internet hain, na hi Computer hai aur na hi 4G network wala mobile phone. To aapko Sunny leone ka signal kahan se milega Sir? (Seriously, you need to have any one of these to know about Sunny Didi)
  • Sir, Sunny Leone Sunny Deol ka stree roop hai. Iske bhi Dhaai kilo ke do-do hain Sir. Par jab iske Dhaai kilo ke padte hain to Aadmi nahi uthta balki Aadmi ka uth jata hai, Sir. (Papa Dharmendra, are you listening?)
  • Sunny Leone ke naam se uske kaam ka pata chal jata hai Sir. Iska naam hai Sunny Leone…’Le-Yoni’. Ye logon ko apni Yoni lene ka anurodh kar rahi hai. Bhootkaal me kai log iski le bhi chuke hai, abhi bhi lete hain aur aage bhi lete hi rahenge.

Let me know in the comment about your golden views about the video.

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