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Bakaiti in Classroom- Part 8

This summer, watch the funny bakaiti of Raju on ‘Summer Days’ in his classroom with his one and only favorite teacher Gupta Sir. According to Raju, Summer has always been neglected by the poets and writers. Raju has some brilliant ideas to dignify the summers. Here are the funniest punch lines from the video.

  • 2 minute dhoop me khade ho jaaiye Sir, paseena turant sookh jaayega.
  • Dua karte hain Sir ki aapko aapki har chahat mile…ek AC to lagwa do classromm me, garmi se thodi rahat mile.
  • Itni tez dhoop me gili skirt 2 minute me kadak jaati hai…aur dhoop me khadi cycle ki seat par baithne se Gaand jharak jati hai.
  • Udne do in shokh panchiyon ko hawaon me aye Ghalib…jab dhoop se Gaand jalegi to khud hi ghar laut aayenge Bhosdi ke.

So, how was the video! Certainly, this has entertained you from the bottom of your ass. What fun is in the boring and stale jokes of Kanpuriya and Make Joke Of types rotten channel! Nothing. Come to MSG Toons channel and unleash the comic wild beast inside you. Do let me know about your views in the comment section and the best comment could win the exciting prizes and money on the ‘Give Away’ day. S0, stay tuned!

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