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Write Comedy Scripts and Get Rewarded!

All Script Writers are welcome!

MSG TOONS is running a contest of ‘Best Funny Script for MSG TOONS‘.

If you are a script writer and think you can write a funny script with lots of punches, then this is the right place for your skills to show.

MSG TOONS is running a contest for script-writers. All you need to submit a funny script to us. If you are selected, you can win money, exciting prizes and other gifts.

The contest is divided in two sections-

Dual Meaning Funny Scripts and Family Oriented Funny Scripts.

Dual Meaning Funny Scripts:- You have watched MSG TOONS videos, so no need to tell you about what kind of script is called dual meaning! So, follow the tradition of MSG TOONS, and submit a really funny dual meaning script to us. Remember not to put any vulgar or obscene language. We only support dual meaning, not vulgarity.

Family Oriented Funny Script:- These kind of scripts are clean comedy and family oriented. Write a clean comedy for all ages and submit to us.

Length of Script:- Between 800-1000 words.

How to write:- Write the script in a very professional manner in Hindi language only. You must use Devnagri fonts for it. Send the ‘word’ file to us.

Deadline:- There is no deadline. This is open-ended contest.

Prizes:- Every month 20 scripts will be selected as winners. Each selected entry would get Rs 2000/ as prize money. The most appreciated script will get Rs 5000/. The winners will be selected every month and the announcement will be done in the website.

Where to send:- Send the script to [email protected]

Rules & Regulation:-

  1. One person can submit multiple scripts.
  2. After submitting the script, MSG TOONS will not return any submitted material.
  3. The script/screenplay should be your fundamental composition. Your entry to any misinformation will be cancelled automatically.
  4. Once you are paid for the script, you won’t have any rights on that script. All the selected scripts would be the property of MSG TOONS.
  5. The un-selected scripts are also the property of MSG TOONS. If, such scripts are however worked on later in future, the original writer will be paid for this.