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Bakaiti in Train- Part 2

This is the second part of the most successful animated vines of MSG Toons ‘Bakaiti in Train- Part 1“. Well, this part is sponsored by Snaptube app, but the essence of the comedy is greater than its predecessor.

In this video, two friends get in the train. One of them is quite fascinated to sit in front of a lady Saroj. But he is shocked to see that his expected traveler was a male instead of a female. How he copes with the situation and irritates the TTE thereafter is quite worth watching.

There are several ass perforating hilarious punch lines, which make your day. Here are some.

  • Iske Dada ji ko kabz ki bimari thi. Roz ‘mal’ aata nahi tha, to iska naam rakh dihis ‘Saroj Mal’. Isko bulate honge, ‘Saroj Mal aao…Saroj Mal aao’. Ye chala jata hoga, to iske Dada ko achcha feel hota hoga, ki mera ‘Mal’ to aata nahi hai par mera potwa Saroj Mal mere bulane se zaroor aa jata hai.
  • Kismat hi ho jab Tuchchi…to kahan se milegi Chuchchi.
  • Tumhara dono taang kaatenge to tum nahi chal paaoge…aur tumhara teesra taang kaatenge to Babu tumhara Khandan aage nahi chal payega.
  • Hum tumhari Bahan ke shadi me aayenge, jo humko Nimantran doge?

There are so many other funny dialogues, for which you have to see the video. Go and watch the video and let me know about your views in the comment section. The best comment could win the exciting prize and money on the ‘Give Away’ day.


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