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In this part of the ‘Bakaiti in Classroom’ series, you will see a full and dedicated funny episode on ‘U-Dictionary’ app. The whole comic sequence is about how to U-Dictionary. Although, this is a dedicated promotion of an app, but you will definitely see some very nice and rib tickling punches.

  • Kuch mila to khila pila ke khush rahta hoon, kuch nahi mila to khali hila ke khush rahta hoon.
  • Hand ka use karna hai sir? Hilana hai kya? Uske liye to bathroom jana padega!
  • My penis is in your hand. Mera LING aapke haath me hai.
  • Pen aur Is ke beech me space kaun tera baap daalega?
  • Daalne doolne ka kaam papa kahin aur karte hain.
  • Gupta Sir madarchod hain.

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