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Bakaiti in Classroom- Part 9

Bakaiti in Classroom- Part 9 is the most lengthy and most profitable video of MSG Toons. It’s more than 10 minutes in length and contains 4 times more advertisements. This video has so many funny punch lines.

Today, Gupta Sir (Raju’s Class Teacher) is worried since this morning, because whatever he touches, breaks off! When Gupta Sir shares this problem with Raju, he gives another Bhokal idea to prevent the omen. This time, you will see a lady teacher in the classroom. She comes to tell about the effectiveness and goodness of drinking milk, but our Raju doesn’t spare her as well. This funny Bakaiti is one of the most funniest bakaitis in the channel.

Here are some witty, hilarious and rib tickling punch lines used in this video.

  • Sir, aaj aap peshab karne bhi mat jaaiyega. Log aksar apni nunni se mootne ke baad haath dhote hain sir, kahin aisa na ho ki ajj aap mootne ke chakkar me apni nunni se hi haath dho baithein. (Nunni means ??)
  • Laali Madam, aap bhi to mast maal hain……mera matlab hai ki aap to kamaal hain Madam! ( Maal  bhi Kamaal bhi, waah!)
  • Laali Madam, aaj aap hamare class me khadi hain, ye sach hai…par agar aap ye sochti hai ki hamara khada nahi hota hai to ye aapka waham hai. ( Kya khada nahi hota hai? )
  • Ab main apne pairon pe khada ho gaya hoon, mera bhi khada ho jata hai. (What??)
  • Aap doodh peeti hain Madam? Achcha….aapka muh pahuch jaata hai wahan tak? (Kahan tak?)
  • Jis tarah bachche ki sehat ke liye zaroori hai, uski Maa ka doodh…usi tarah se bachche ke Baap ki sehat ke zaroori hai bachche ki Maa ki **** ( Go and watch the video for full masti! )

This video will kill you. You will die laughing and rolling on the floor while your ass will burn into ashes! Don’t always cry for useless and utter useless Make Joke Of kind Kanpuriya Jokes. Watch only MSG Toons for the real ass hurting comedy. Let me know about your views in the comment section, and the best comment could win the exciting prizes and money on the ‘Give Away’ day every month. Stay tuned!

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