Bakaiti in Classroom- Part 1

This is the first very part of the most successful series of MSG Toons ‘Bakaiti in Classroom’. Raju is the main character who always does funny bakaiti with his class teacher Gupta Sir. The funny and rib tickling conversation between Raju and his teacher Gupta Sir will  make you laugh out loud.

Here are some funny dialogues from the video.

  • Sir ji, Kabhi apni beti par bhi dhyaan de diya karo.
  • Main Sheela ki sahayata karna chahunga…..Maa banne me.
  • Insaan ka pichwada 3 level pe phat ta hai- International, National aur Local.
  • Jab India aur Russia saath hue to America hi phat gayi. Ye hua International level par phatna.
  • Jab BJP aur JD ek hue to Congress ki phat gayi. Ye hua National level par phatna.
  • Idahr aap aur main baatein kar rahe hain, aur udhar Master sahab ki phat rahi hai. Ye hua Local level par phatna.

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